Selling your goods online can be as easy as 1-2-3, but there’s many considerations to make and decisions to settle before you jump straight into selling goods online. Here’s how we can help: Follow the steps below and you’ll be making money in no time!
  • Develop A Good Business Plan

    First and foremost, you need to already have a solid business plan and product in mind. What kind of goods are you going to sell, exactly? Is there a niche market for your products? Are they financially viable to manufacture? These are just a few questions you need to iron out; it’s better to answer them now than later! Think up as many of these questions as you can and write them down with pen and paper, and develop a really solid strategy before you move on.

    If you realise that you need some quick cash to get your business up-and-running, you will need to source for an angel investor for some initial help. If asking your family and friends for money is not an option, look to Fund-ME for monetary assistance. With Fund-ME, your business idea will be pitched to angel investors from around the world who will provide you the funds you need to make your business dreams a reality.

  • Choose Your Selling Avenue

    Once you’ve got a proper business outline on paper and enough money to get yourself started, you will need to think about how you are going to sell your goods online. The Internet has endless streams of possibilities: You can take the traditional route of starting your own website, or get on e-commerce markets such as Amazon and eBay, or even utilise social media like Instagram and Twitter, or all three!
    But in an arena as competitive as the online shopping world, it can be very tough to manage and excel in these very different fields to maximise your profit potential.  You’ll need a great website that’s easy to navigate, good descriptions for your products that capture search engine queries, and also create effective social media campaigns that go viral. 
    That’s where the Market-ME service can help; it provides marketing services which comprise professional webpage designingeffective social media marketing, and expert Search Engine Optimisation analytics. With Market-ME, your online presence will look snazzy, trendy and ready to make money.
    However, those aren’t the only selling avenues you can extend your business onto. Given that many people still head down to malls to shop, you may also want to consider diversifying even further and selling your products through traditional brick-or-mortar methods at retail outlets. If you’d like to do so, access Retail-ME to check out all the available ME-Retail outlets which can host your products. That way, your customers can first see and touch your products in person before they make their purchase. That’s something online technology is a long way from accomplishing!

  • Ship your goods reliably and efficiently

    By now, you should have your online shop up and running. If you’ve marketed yourself well, you’ll start to see orders coming in for your goods in no time. That’s great; you’re on your way to making your first dollar (and many more!).

    However, there arrives three logistical problems that need a solution before all that:

    • Where are you going to store your products before shipment? Will you clutter your home sweet home with goods?
    • Where are you going to acquire great packaging to ensure that your products aren’t damaged midway through transportation? And how are you going to package them?
    • How are you going to reliably deliver your sold products to your customers in time? And how are you going to track the shipment progress all the way through?
    No worries! Make selling goods easy again with Fulfil-ME, an all-in-one service which takes care of storage, packaging and delivery for you. At your desired time, a truck will come by to pick up your goods and safely transport them to a warehouse of your choice, where they will be securely stored and catalogued. Whenever a delivery order comes in, the system will automatically process the purchase, and package your goods neatly and carefully to prepare it for shipment. Once ready for delivery, your products will be sent straight to your customers’ designated doorsteps, wherever they are.

    Pretty nifty, huh? All this is tracked on Fulfil-ME’s Merchant Module, which can help you keep track of your inventory, list product statistics and order records, and, for a sound mind, also live track your shipments all through the delivery process. With Fulfil-ME, online selling can't get any simpler.

    If you would like specialised packaging that can offer added protection of your products during shipment, or simply would like to dress up your products to impress your customers, check out the list of available packaging solutions on Package-ME.

    If you would also like more storage space for your goods, or just the warehousing of general items, access the catalogue of available warehouses near you on Store-ME, so that you can keep all the clutter away from your home sweet home.
  • File Your Documents Well

    This may seem like a trivial step compared to the rest, but anyone who’s been in the business game long enough will know the importance of keeping all past receipts and invoices. As an independent seller, invoices are essential to your bread-and-butter, and they also keep track of what has been ordered, and when they were ordered. This will come in handy for a multitude of reasons you’ll discover soon, so store your documents and file them properly; you never know when you’re going to need them.

    Over time, your documents will begin to pile up and make your home look like it’s suffering from a bad case of hoarding. Tidy up the place with Archive-ME, which safe keeps your paper documents for you for a clean living environment.

  • Keep On Innovating

    By now, you should see orders being made on a regular basis and money rolling in. But that’s no reason for you to sit back and pop the champagne; there is no end-game to maintaining a business! Always ensure you’re ahead of your pack by developing your products further and expanding your business. That way, you’ll keep your products novel and your customers coming back for more.