As the owner of online retail shop Hula Hoop Singapore, May found herself up to her neck in logistical labour. A one-woman team, she had spent most of her days packing and handling shipments to customers, and often had to work overnight as she juggled between multiple selling platforms such as Shopify, Qoo10 and Lazada. She had even experienced sending wrong orders to customers!

To make matters worse, time was not the only factor being consumed by the business. As her product range expanded, she also soon found her home piled up with stocks – space was also being taken up by her business! 

ME-Retail Solutions

But these problems ended as soon as she discovered ME-Retail – ME-Retail now automatically handles all storage, packaging and delivery tasks for May. All this is done at just the click of a button, as ME-Retail’s Merchant platform supports multiple selling channels!

And thanks to ME-Retail’s affordable shipping rates and effective product management, May rests easy knowing her products will ship on time and in perfect condition. She has yet to receive any complaints on wrong orders with ME-Retail!

With her home free of clutter, time free of toil, and mind free of worry, May is able to efficiently attend to customer queries, and focus more on expanding her business through marketing and research.

Testimonial from Hulahoopsingapore 

“Thanks to ME-Retail, not only have my profits been maximised, I also now have more time for my customers and to expand my business. Online retailers, sweat no more with ME-Retail!