For the past year, ME-Retail has helped online gourmet food retailer Capysense distribute fine foods to various Asian countries, including Singapore and Hong Kong. Capysense’s non-core activities such as storage, delivery, packaging and shipping are automated entirely by ME-Retail’s fulfilment services, and this has allowed Capysense to concentrate on what matters most: actual business productivity.

ME-Retail Solutions

With ME-Retail, Capysense has enjoyed comprehensive & flexible planning  accommodate even non-standard requests for fulfilment. This is because we at ME-Retail are a small business too, so we understand the specific, special requests that small businesses often require to gain that competitive edge!

Testimonial from Capysense

“I love the attention to customer experience by ME-Retail’s employees, especially Onn. They have a real focus on making my customers happy, especially with regards to delivery service. Additionally, their flexibility in accommodating non-standard requests is a great asset versus larger players!” - Angelo from Capysense.